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Looking for copywriter services? Then have a look around and read some of the articles to know if my styles would be a good fit for your product or service.
If you need some content but what you need done is way too much for you let me help you with my copywriter content writing services.
If you need content resources search this website. You will probably find an example or template that you can use. Copy the structure not the copy.

On this website you’ll find all the most popular forms of online and offline content covered. If the one you’re looking for is not, drop me a line and I’ll add it.

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On this website you will find examples of short copy of the kinds you find in promotional material like flyers, leaflets or circulars. Copywriting shines in many forms of content. One of these, the magalog, the evolution of print publicity is a clear example of how copywriting adapts itself to the realities of the market.

Even if the magalog is something that looks like a product of the publishing world, it is a great example of the capacity of copywriting for conveing a persuasive, and at the same time connected, influence headspace.

There are many other types of copy besides that, but I touched the example of the magalog because it's an all-encompassing sample of content that a single copywriter alone can assemble without actually becoming a publisher or editor.

Content Writing

The internet’s fuel is content. Without content you don’t have a website. You may think you do, but in fact you have an empty structure that because of it emptiness doesn’t stand a chance at being found. In those cases the only thing you can do is use old methods like word of mouth.

To do only that would be a crass waste of free digital benefits. Like not taking advantage of the race to the top of the search engine results. To not improve and evolve your online presence, to make your product or service findable, is not a clever thing to do.

Approaching the search engine race is not a rat race at all. The search engines provide a high standard for a website’s content for the engines to feature. It’s a race of improvements, because it forces not just to improve the website with all kind of software tools, it also forces you to provide valuable, actionable, constructive substance, and that substance are the copy and content of a website.


I’m a survivor of business partner loss due to death. In 2013, when I became all about business, an overseas friend, with whom I was going to partner with, taught me that one must always watch out for one’s life while one is conducting business.

If I remember correctly he said that you must not let your business consume you.

Well, he became a workaholic. Later on he became sick and he passed away at the tender age of 25. That is just wrong and I feel it as very unfair. Things like this should not happen. He was a beautiful person and soul, and one way for me to honor him is making sure I spread the love of his teaching.

I think that yYou might be strong mentally and physically, but if you are all business and no soul, or all business and no health, you are putting yourself at a serious, clearly life-threatening, risk. Stress is real, and it takes a devastating toil on our personal health. 

In this section you’ll find not just actionable articles useful for freelancers and entrepreneurs. You will find inspirational content that hopefully will help you live a healthy life.


First off, let’s think for a moment about the detractors of advertising. I don’t know much about their arguments, but whatever they propose as justifications for rejecting advertising I have a real counter-argument.

That counter-argument is this, advertising works for the uplifting and betterment of the potential buyer and the techniques used to be agreeable to the target aren’t manipulation. They are just a conveyance to help the potential buyer be open to what the advertisement has to say.




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