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Hi, welcome to my website. I’m a digital SEO copywriter and I work as one for more than half a decade now. First things first. Are you here because you need copywriter services or because you want to become a copywriter? Whatever your reason, please read on.

Do you need a SEO Copywriter?

If you came looking for a copywriter, please scroll to the second half of this page, or visit the About page to read about my services.

On this website you are going to find a lot of random content pieces, many of them unrelated to copywriting, that will give you an idea of my writing style.

Do you want to Become a SEO Copywriter?

If you want to become a copywriter, on this website you’re going to find all kinds of resources that will help you to become a copywriter. The copywriting assets you will find on this website are a product of the things I learned on the daily grind of copywriting.

These resources are useful to me at the practical level, and I hope they will be useful to you too. I could write reams about the theory and philosophy of writing copy, but I rather not bore you with that.

This means that everything that you will find on this site are the systems that I think work and are useful. Rather than sidetracking you with generalizations and distractions that are shared to fulfill an agenda of keeping all the best methods for oneself, and throwing you some perfunctory crumbs to mislead you because I see you as a competing SEO copywriter.

It’s nothing like that. I wouldn’t have been able to figure out a workable copywriter system without the teachings and the unselfishness of hundreds of persons on the web.

The contributors to my copywriting work method were (and still are) many persons, and the content on this website is my way of passing along everything I learned and keep learning.

If you are here because you want to become a copywriter I guess the sections that will be more useful to you are going to be these:

SEO Copywriting

Hopefully, the articles in this section will help you to learn the techniques that you need to become proficient as a digital SEO copywriter. In this section, you will learn the smaller types of copy that you can find on the web.

Other types of content in this section will give you ideas to decide which branches of copywriting you would like to pursue.

Some of the types of content inspected in this section are of medium or long length, but in general, this section is all about the shorter types of content. The longer articles you might find in this section are of the actionable kind, like for instance, What is A Copywriter, How to Become a Copywriter, or Copywriting Salary.

SEO Content Writing

The articles in this section are about the longest types of content that you could write as a copywriter.

When the pieces are longer, a set of variables that maybe is not necessary to develop in-depth in shorter pieces becomes more important. Examples of these variables are voice, style, and content structure. Some of the types of content you can find in this area are longer, didactic ones, like essay examples, tips on writing a letter, and writing a cover letter.


While the previous two sections are about the prose, the gloss of copy, and content, this section goes a step ahead and touches upon the elements involved in the crafting of a complete product: the advertisement. Even if copy is just the text of the advertisement, a SEO copywriter should have solid advertising skills too.

First off, let’s think for a moment about the detractors of advertising. I don’t know much about their arguments, but whatever they propose as justifications for rejecting advertising I have a real counter-argument.

That counter-argument is this, advertising works for the uplifting and betterment of the potential buyer, and the techniques used to be agreeable to the target aren’t manipulation. They are just a convenience to help the potential buyer be open to what the advertisement has to say.

Yes, some advertisements, especially the contextual ones on the internet, don’t resemble traditional ads and don’t need a lot of the elements that traditional ads require. In some instances, digital ads may not need any elements of traditional advertising, only copy.

Still, while all advertising involves copywriting, not all copywriting is an advertisement, and that is why this section is separate from the two previous ones. Some of the topics in this section are Where to Publish Free Ads, Types of Advertising, and a lot about Direct Response Advertising.


To be a stellar copywriter you need to have advertising and marketing knowledge. Advertising is a must, and it may be debatable that having marketing skills is required for a copywriter.

Since your task will be writing copy, as directed by art directors, account managers, and marketing managers, you probably shouldn’t concern yourself with the marketing side of things. But I don’t think it would be wise to try to break into the copywriting industry without marketing skills.

A lot of the time the marketing technology you will write copy and content for will determine the kind of approach you will have to take, and you aren’t going to be able to write good copy if you don’t know at least the essentials.

Good Luck in your Copywriter Journey

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Wishing you the best,
Martin Wensley. 

P.S.: Is not only that I feel indebted to the world at large, I believe in the golden rule and I think that helping you in a disinterested way will also benefit me, even if you become greater than me as a copywriter.

Resources for the Publisher, the Advertiser, and the SEO Copywriter

On this SEO copywriting content website, you will find short copy examples of the kinds you find in promotional material like flyers, leaflets, or circulars. Copywriting shines in many forms of content. 

On this website, you’ll find all the most popular forms of online and offline content covered. If the one you’re looking for is not, drop me a line and I’ll add it.

If you need content resources search this website. You will probably find an example or template that you can use.

The most Common Content Formats Expounded

Like I said in the introduction, if you are a novice copywriter and want to read examples of popular content formats, there is a lot of generic articles in the SEO Copywriting, SEO Content Writing, self-help, and Advertising sections.

Also, in those four sections, you will find some how-tos, guides, and other actionable, practical pieces that may help you in your quest to become a copywriter.

Additionally, you might find articles to further your skills as a marketer (a must for copywriters) in the Marketing section. The Marketing section has actionable pieces about marketing topics related to copywriting, like marketing mix, marketing segmentation, target marketing, what is digital marketing, analytics, viral strategies, how to automate processes, promotional techniques, etc.

Be sure to check the Self-help section. In it, you will find odds and ends about the process and systems that freelance copywriters and entrepreneurs may need. Some of the topics in that section are about how to invest as a freelance copywriter, how to manage independent contractor taxes, wellness, healthier lifestyles, nutrition, exercise, motivational articles, etc.

SEO Copywriter and Content Writing Services

My process is straightforward. First, you hire my service, give me a few pointers about your business, the channel where it will be published, and your target audience. After that, I research the copy or content options and verify the ideas with you to be sure that they are what you want. Lastly, I write the content, optimize it and send it to you. It’s that easy.

You can read a detailed explanation of my services on the About page. Also, you can read the different niche articles on this website, that I published as examples of my content writing and copywriting skills.

If you need some content but what you need to be done is way too much for you let me help you with my copywriter content writing services.

Looking for copywriter services? Then have a look around and read some of the articles to know if my styles would be a good fit for your product or service.

If you need copywriting, I deliver to you SEO-optimized pieces of content within an agreed-upon deadline depending on word count. Roughly, you can expect this schedule from me:

    300-700 words: one business day
    700-2500 words: two business days
    2500-3500 words: three business days
    3500+ words: 4-5 business days.

Please Take a Look at my Services Intent

    Responsible, Hard-working, Flexible Service
    Error-Free and Grammatically Excellent
    Client-friendly Process and Deliverables
    Due Diligence
    Deadline Honoring
    Adequately Formatted
    Original Content
    Researched Content
    Evergreen Content
    Actionable Content
    Multiple Channels for Contact and Payments  

You’re here Because you need a SEO Copywriter

Do you need an express SEO copywriting and content writing service that delivers the goods quickly and is ready to publish? You will get the copy and content that you need, delivered to you in record time. 

If you want marketing-oriented copy or content, and want it fast, then my services are for you.

That my service is fast doesn’t mean that you will get some generic piece of content or some copy that was paraphrased from what is already circulating about the topic.

The content I write for you is excellent in three main aspects:

1. Structural: the format will match the context where you will embed the content

2. Commercial: if you need copywriting, it will follow tested and true persuasion techniques that will make your most valued actions irresistible

3. Technical: commercial content benefits from SEO, but even if it’s non-commercial content for the web, I will optimize it further with SEO techniques for it to be easy to find

Edited Deliverables for Optimized Process

If you want pieces that are more likely to be right from the first draft, you should hire my services. I’m not just a copywriter and content writer, but I’m also a copy editor. You can rest assured that the pieces I will deliver to you will be virtually publish-ready.

Each piece that I write is tailored, in content, voice, style, and tone to the particular stage of your customer’s journey and buying lifecycle.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a content writer for fun, and more than half a decade as a digital copywriter for profit. I will write content for you that will positively influence your customers to buy from your website.

The copy I’ll write for you will achieve this through an exhaustive use of all the best persuasion techniques available. You can check the About page for a list of some of the niches I can write for.

The internet’s fuel is content. Without content, you don’t have a website. You may think you do, but in fact, you have an empty structure that because of it emptiness doesn’t stand a chance at being found. In those cases, the only thing you can do is use old methods like word of mouth.

To do only that would be a crass waste of free digital benefits. Like not taking advantage of the race to the top of the search engine results.

To not improve and evolve your online presence, by not making your product or service findable through content created by an SEO copywriter, is not a clever thing to do.

Approaching the search engine race is not a rat race at all. The search engines provide a high standard for a website’s content for the engines to feature.

It’s a race of improvements because it forces not just to improve the website with all kinds of software tools, it also forces you to provide valuable, actionable, constructive substance, and that substance is the copy and content of a website.

Why Should you Invest in my Accelerated Services?

Before even researching the pieces I’ll write for you, it concerns me to study your brand, and what you have already available on the web, plus whatever background info you can provide me with, to develop an insight about your target market/audience, value proposition, your mission and/your vision.

This preliminary process will leverage the research phase that I always carry before writing anything, and also the writing process later on.

My dedication to learning is big, and this feeds my devotion to content writing, copywriting, and promoting. I’m a speed writer and can write a lot of excellent copy each day.

I have a constant drive for investigation, research, and analysis and that pushes me to write copy and content that has a solid, factual foundation. My content is original, never a regurgitation of what is already available. 

The copy and content that I write for you are guaranteed to differentiate you from your competitors, and it will reinforce your target customer’s reasons to choose you.

I always write with a well-researched approach based on a formula that integrates your target audience’s characteristics, your customer's journey, and your business goals.

Hire my SEO copywriter and content writing services and get your pieces delivered in record time. Please go to the About page to read a detailed description of the service.


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    Content Writing

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