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A sizable quantity of copy on the web is only copied, paraphrased, and pasted content. Just blatant plagiarism. That must be the content written by the three-dollars-an-article crowd. To prevent this, I research my copy methodically. The research process is to make your content and copy be as original as possible, exploring angles on the given topic that nobody on the web previously used.

It is kind of sad that nowadays any upstart calls her/himself a copywriter or content writer. One needs to peek briefly into the content mill scene to realize how serious the content writing case is. Hopefully, you already know from which sites to steer clear when you are looking for a copywriter. And don’t get me started on the kiddies that sell
their “copywriting services” with ads written in SMS jargon.

When I found this out, it disgusted me.

It did because by then I’d been writing digital copy for almost a quarter-century. I learned hands-on the techniques of the trade. I did it through managing and promoting virtual communities since my late teens. The things I learned since then wouldn’t be so focused and useful if I didn’t have that previous experience.

For a great part of my life, I’ve been writing books, poetry, screenplays, video game content, and digital copy. I blog since 2006. Copywriting specifically, first on and off. Since 2012, on a constant basis.

My content isn’t something that I slap together from shortlists that copy other pages on the web, spinning it, and shuffling the sections around, just to meet a deadline and scam a client. No. I am each of my pieces to be unique and bring something new to the table that surpasses everything that someone wrote before.

With my copywriting services you will get copy or content, and headlines, that fulfill a solid, scientific purpose:

Powering Magnetic and Authentic Content
That Will Earn You Visitors, 
Leads, and Conversions! 

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    Any piece of content, any niche, any format
    Semi-express service without a premium markup
    Content that’s based on authoritative sources, not superficial research
    Content that leverages techniques and methods to make the copy value-rich
    The kind of content that others really want to read

The first document you’ll receive for me is a guesstimate I’ll send you if you send me the data I ask for in the form below.

This is obviously free. It doesn’t compromise you in any way to purchase my copywriter services. Getting in touch with me and/or getting a guesstimate with the form doesn’t mean I’ll auto-opt-in your address into an email list. The form on this page is just for your benefit.

Description of my Service’s Workflow

When you hire my service, I’ll furnish you with a very detailed bird-eye-view of the deal and other documents.

We will exchange documents through a digital means of your choice. You will set the deadline day.

When you hire me, first we will have a chat or email exchange in which you will tell me:

  1. A rough outline of the content you want me to write
  2. The format you would like for it, its style, and length
  3. What kind of agreement do you want to sign

In the following days, I will complement that information with my own research as directed by you in the outline you sent me.

I’ll work towards delivering the content or copy and return any other work documents before the deadline.

When I send the finished first draft to you, you’ll read and duly revise it. If you aren’t satisfied with the content or copy, we’ll coordinate the first of the two rounds of revisions and the new deadline. If when I send you the 2nd draft, you reject it, then we’ll set the second and final revision and the third and final deadline.

I may create other kinds of deals. For everyone and for repeat customers. But this particular offer has four special offers. I hope you’ll be able to benefit from at least one of them.


In this industry, content is king.

Yet, the information one resorts to before writing genuine content

is a particular kind of gold. It should not be overlooked.

—Martin Wensley, Copywriter

Some Content Formats that I Can Write

    • Short From Article / Long Form
    • Feature Article
    • Blog Entry Content
    • Ephemeral Site Entry Copy
    • Pillar Posts / Evergreen Posts
    • Landing page / Capture page / Lead Page
    • Informative Copy for Website
    • Content Strategy Content
    • Social Network Post
    • Advertising / Direct Advertising Copy
    • Open / Sales / Inquiry Letters
    • Sales Pitches Copy
    • Email Marketing Content
    • Push Notification
    • Funnel Content
    • Magalog Content
    • Booklet Content
    • Essay
    • Case Study
    • Video / Commercial Script
    • Promotional Copy / Content
    • Postcard Content
    • Circular Content
    • Brochure Copy
    • Flyer Copy

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Some Niches that I Know

    • Advertising & Marketing
    • Copywriting
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Books & Literature
    • PC Hardware, Buying Guide
    • Metaverse, Virtual Worlds
    • Chatbots, AI
    • Internet & E-commerce
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Finance and Investing
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Telecommuting
    • Remote Work
    • Payment Gateways
    • Freelancer Accounting
    • Freelancer Tax Laws

Please read the sections below

for a detailed explanation 

of my Copywriter Content Writer Service

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No-Nonsense Copywriter Deal

copywriter content writing services

What You’ll Get

Sound Deliverables

I’ll send you the content in the formats you specify, I can provide around half a dozen different formats, including plain text, .doc/.rtf (with 2 fonts, headings, and plain formatting), pdf, HTML, Mobi, epub.


I’ll urge you that we use an agreement document.

If you don’t have one, I can provide it.

Payment Methods

At this moment you can pay for my copywriter services with four different payment methods one of which is three different cryptocurrencies.

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptos: Steem Dollars (SBD), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR)

Two Rounds of Revisions

If there is something wrong with the first draft, I promise you to revise and tweak and rewrite the pieces up to two times.

Text-Level SEO Refining

If you require a piece of content or copy to be written around a specific keyword, I will refine the document until it has a high SEO score at the text level. I can guarantee a 60% to 70% SEO score at the text level. Please bear in mind that without including the item’s microcopy that SEO score is the highest that anyone can achieve.

On-Page SEO Microcopy

If the content is for a webpage I will provide the microcopy (metadata) of the item free of charge. That being the case, I guarantee an 80% to 90% SEO score as graded by the two SEO tools I generally use, RankMath SEO and Route66/Yoast.

Martin FAQ

Q: How many words a day you can write?
A: The day I wrote the most words ever, it was around seven thousand. Realistically, I’d say thirty-five hundred tops.

Q: Are you good at what you do?
A: I regularly get top twenty percentile content gradation on Grammarly, most of the time top ten percentile, though.

Q: Your Question here
A: Send your questions with the contact form 

Authentic Content and Copy

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The only way to create good content and copy that engages and converts is to approach the task from as many angles as possible.

There are far too many variables that go into the mix of content creation, to enumerate them here. Like the form, context, tone, voice, style, method of execution...

My approach to content writing is scientific in the sense that I follow a rigorous standard to control the complexity and ease of reading of the content I write.

The same goes for the sources. And the irony is that there’s a lot of information out there to research from, but there’s not enough time to go over all of it.

In an information-based economy, the pace is different, and I think my services are a good fit for it. I’m a no-nonsense person. I offer you:

    • Due Diligence
    • No-hassles
    • Deadline Honoring
    • Client-friendly Process and Deliverables
    • Adequately Formatted
    • Original Copywriter Content
    • Error Free and Grammatically Excellent
    • Researched Content
    • Evergreen Content
    • Actionable Content
    • Multiple channels for Contact and Payments
    • Responsible, Hard-working, Flexible Service



Ionic Columns

No-Hassle Copywriter Hiring Process

  1. Either you will contact me, or I may have written to you in the past asking you if I could work for you.
  2. I’ll send you an email with the specifications of the Writing Brief. In that email, I will ask you what kind of agreement we will sign, and what payment method we will use.
  3. In this step, we both sign either your, or my letter of agreement.
  4. Next, You send me the filled-out Writing Brief and make the down deposit (20% of the total compensation).
  5. I write the content and send it to you.
  6. If you’re satisfied, you pay the standing balance of the total compensation (80%)
  7. I fill out the copyrights all rights transfer form and send it to you.
  8. The deal ends.

Note: the 20% down payment on step 4 of the deal can be negotiated. 


What kind of content do you need? How many articles/pieces? How many words in total do you think it will take?

This form is just a means to contact me.
I will not use your email address to spam you or to sell it to others.