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Masters of Advertising

Resources and a look into those who owned and own the world of advertising. In this section, we’re going to go over the luminaries of craftsmanship and the successful master businessmen of the trade.

  • History of advertising
  • Advertising job description
  • Types of advertising

If you’re new to advertising, I’m going to make you an adventurous proposition.

You should start learning about this industry dramatically, not like latecomers to the party do, in a mechanical way; through college, or simply a course, or just an apprenticeship.

The standards for advertising are very high, and if you weren’t bred for the task since you were a child, your odds of succeeding in this career are very hard to conquer.

That’s why I suggest you to if you’re going to learn advertising on your own, or by any other means that don’t tie you to a schedule, then do something audacious that would mark a before and an after in your life in advertising.

I’m telling you this because of my recommendation I want to give you to you, which is this:

Move (temporarily or permanently) somewhere else while you’re learning your first things about advertising.

Be it a book, a course, a mentor by internet, or whatever you’ll use, move someplace else, the more culturally different to what you’re accustomed to, the better.

I’m telling you this because what lies ahead is nothing like society leads you to believe, (namely, course and title), but a life of never-ending education.

There’s a lot to learn, and you need to expand your intellectual real estate by great orders of magnitude, and there’s nothing like pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, to land in a different place where you’ll see a different kind of ads through a considerably different light.

Types of Advertising

animated advertising ad

  • Classified ad
  • Job portal listing
  • Print ad copy
  • Website ad
  • Brochure
  • Leaflet
  • Flyer

Web Ads

What started with simple banner and skyscraper ads has evolved into a barrage of dozens and dozens of different species of advertisements.

Their radical difference from each other is the difference in the mechanisms provided by the advertising software technology.

There are traditional banners, skyscrapers, in-line links, push notifications, emergent windows, fly-ins, pop-ups.

There are newer technologies like, omnichannel, and DOOH that may prove controversial for detractors of advertising in general and for those that care about their privacy.

Landing Page

A landing page is the masthead of the streamlined, contemporary website.

I see the use of landing pages, especially when it makes handsome use of the opportunity that the mandatory hero image gives, like a revival of what 90% Java-powered websites wanted to be two decades ago and ended up in virtual obsolescence due to their uselessness for SEO.

I’m happy at the looks of the standard landing page of the present, but when you’re a copywriter you know that the hero image isn’t everything, and a landing page and its child master pages that it links to, are one of the most versatile and useful forms of content to write for a website.

Squeeze Page

Also known as lead capture page, or opt-in page. These are a more in-your-face sort of landing page. The mechanics of lead capture is to use a lead magnet to force the lead to opt-in. No contact info? No money, honey.

Press Release

Press releases want to be news but as matter of fact are a specific type of advertising that's used generally for launches of products or services.

Press releases attempt to cover a wide range of channels all at once.

If you're bootstrapping and don't have money for paid public relations tactics, like releasing a press release, please don’t believe that you can't get your press release out there with an investment of only time and writing.

There are paid and free ways to circulate a press release through

  • News sites and subdomains
  • Search Engines
  • RSS databases
  • Through your site
  • Document silos
  • Blogger outreach
  • Social Media
  • Trade Channels

Not using paid distribution may not get you the result that you seek with a press release, to get journalists interested in your story, still, if you do it for the backlinks, it makes sense.

Sales Letter

Many categories of the sales letter, two of which are the email sales letter and the sales letter as part of the copy in a squeeze page or as a component of any other type of long copy advertisement.

Press Kit

A package of content and sourced media for journalists to use and spread the brand or company around.

Direct Response Resources

The long-standing business of selling by mail, and its evolution, the internet-powered counterparts of direct response.

Some people like to belong to the brands of their choice. These kinds of customers, one of the most valuable types, you can incentivize, retain, sell to and then nurture, sell again, cross-sell and upsell to.  Mail is one of the best ways of keeping a link with them.

Direct Mail Marketing

We are better off segmenting our customer base to be able to provide them an experience, product, and/or service that is as personalized as possible.

One way we have to do this is by targeting our customers differently depending on which stage of our buying process they’re sitting at the moment of marketing something to them.

I mean by this, that a customer that just knew about you should be treated differently from one who already bought from you.

In the case of direct mail marketing, you’re better off not pitching any product or service directly to any of the new leads on your list.

But when you want to market to someone that is in the nurturing phase of her or his relationship with your product or service, someone who already bought something from you, then pitching them something directly is advised.

We all know that, for many managers and people who do managerial and clerical work, email is one of the moot points of the whole job and one of the things you must keep on a leash.

Besides, with so many other types of media, the good old email doesn’t carry the weight it used to carry and emails have a great chance to go unnoticed.

What if, on top of those two already very hard obstacles to overcome, we mess it up when we are aiming at sending our base of converted leads only one-shot advertising as an email?

It’s difficult to pull this off, and get hundreds/thousands of conversions on day one if you are aiming at keeping the converted customers.

I wouldn’t say direct digital marketing is the pinnacle of copywriting, but a message like this can and should be super-targeted and at the same time excellently written to show your leads that you still want the best for them, and you’re letting them in on an especial deal because they’re validated as customers with you.

Email Campaign content

You must provide value, and the sequencing of content you’re going to dispense during a direct mail campaign must be configured in an effective, proven-to-work way.

You can’t just slap some pages of content together, see how portions of it could be fragmented into single messages, and then unbundle them in, say, 16 email-length content pieces and then call that an email campaign.

The process of trust creation, pre-selling, and selling through an email campaign includes much more than that.


I’m a copywriter, but I also have a background in information technology.

Because of that, in this section, you’ll learn not just the copywriting part of a successful direct response campaign, but also how to set it up correctly with the services and tools that get the automated, grunt work of this method done.

Advertising Definition

Publicizing utilizes a straightforwardly supported, non-individual message to advance or sell an item, product, idea, or service. Sponsors of advertising are regularly organizations wishing to advance their services or products. Public relations is different from advertising in that an advertiser pays for and has command over the message.

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