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Masters of Advertising

A look into those who owned and own the world of advertising. Luminaries of craftmanship and the business and life stories of the successful master businessmen of the trade.
  • History of advertising
  • Advertising job description
  • Types of advertising

Direct Response Resources


The long-standing business of selling by mail, and its evolution, the internet-powered counterparts of direct response. Some persons like to belong to the brands of their choice. These kind of costumers that you can incentivize, retain, sell to and then nurture, sell again, cross-sell and upsell to are most vaulable.

Mail is one of the best ways of keeping a link with them.

  • Direct mail marketing
  • Email campaign content
  • Newsletter

Ad Types Resources

  • Classified ad
  • Job portal listing
  • Print ad copy
  • Website ad
  • Brochure
  • Leaflet
  • Flyer




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