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Direct response has existed for a long time now. It's a modality of advertising that allows for precise monitoring of the promotion's performance by means of the use of tracking keys or other mechanisms that operate with a logic similar to keying the response of the advertisement's call-to-action.

Sales Letter

Many categories of sales letter, two of which are the direct respone (email) sales letter and the sales letter as part of the copy in a squeeze page or as component of any other type of long copy advertisement.

There's also de video sales letter (VSL,ᔥ/r/_mai_pen_rai_) which is the same as a readable one, the only difference it's the sales letter is streamlined into the video's script.

Landing Page

A landing page is the masthead of the streamlined, contemporary website. I personally see the landing pages, especially when they make a handsome use of the opportunity that the mandatory hero image gives as an aesthetic opportunity.

To me feels like a revival of websites that were 90% java-powered. What those sites wanted to be two decades ago, couldn't achieve, and made them end up in virtual obsolescence due to their uselessnes for SEO.

Landing pages can be simple, like when they are used as the homepage of a website. Or they can be complex, like in the case of a landing page with heterogenous content divided in more or less contrasting sections.

Some of the elements that make or break a complex landing pages:

  • Embedded video
  • Price list
  • Media carousel
  • Spacer
  • Testimonials
  • Heading
  • Badges 
  • Countdown timer
  • Author box
  • Slide
  • Icons
  • Endorsement
  • Signature
  • Call-to-action
  • Portfolio
  • Google Map
  • Arrow
  • Divider
  • Author mugshot
  • E-commerce integration
  • Block Quotes
  • Icon box
  • Button
  • Form

Squeeze Page

Also known as lead capture page, or opt-in page. These are a more in-your-face sort of landing pages. Generally, they are one click above landing pages, but this isn't a rule and sometimes they're presented as an overlay to the homepage. A common practice nowadays is the fly-in squeeze page.

A great percentage of sites that have some sort of squeeze page have either a light box one or a fly-in one among their lead-generating pages. The mechanics of lead capture is to use a lead magnet to make the opt-in iressistible for the lead.



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