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If you’re sure that you want to contact me about my services, please have a look at the About page. You’ll notice that the form on that page is bigger. You can write me a long message there if you need to ask me anything.

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In the form below you can contact me about anything pertaining to my services or this website.

Please keep it brief. I just allowed a single line message so you don’t send me an email-length message.

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You’ll notice that my first priority is the reader of this website and anyone who would become my customer and client. Is that you?

Look, I’m a no-nonsense kind of person.

If you need someone who is going to reply to you as soon as you send your inquiries, and someone who is going to be truthful and offer you a transparent service, then please don’t hesitate about contacting me.

I try to reply to any contacts as soon as I receive notification of their messages coming through. Point is, I have a very structured day and if you send it after 5 PM (EST), then it’s probable I’m going to reply to you the next day, between 11 and 5.

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