You can’t write any good, original long content about a subject you don’t know anything about if you don’t dully research the subject before sitting to write the content. It sounds silly to make such an observation but it seems to me that instead of doing things the hard way and creating real value, a lot of content on the web is stolen, parroted, ripped-off, spun, or otherwise cannibalized content.

This is very evident when you search for a definition for something that there is not much information about. You read a definition, then go to another site and it has practically the same definition with a few things changed, you decide to go to another website and you find the same. Disappointing.

Case study

Case studies are among the most coveted kinds of content for a website. A case study 

Blog post

Blog posts are simple forms of content that contain from 300 to 1000 words. They can have a few sections, divided by appropriate headings.


Think pieces are a recent invention. The original think piece is from 500 to 1000 words. Still, there are conflicting accounts on how long a think piece should be. Mainstream media think pieces are from 5000 to 10000 words.

Short article

A short article is between 1000 and 1500 words. 

Long article

Minimum 1500 words and up to 2500 words.


Features are exhaustive pieces on a topic or a single aspect of a topic, ranging from 2500 to 3500 words.

Long feature

The same format as regular features, but they have more than 3500 words.


How-tos are a type of guide that focuses on a single procedure to achieve a single outcome.
Research piece

Research pieces are documents similar to academic papers. Research pieces can have many sections. Examples of research piece sections could be specifications, for whom the research was conducted, an outline of the research process.


Corporate or business profiles to describe a company or business to the public in general and potential investors in particular.


A dossier is several pages of descriptive content about a specific subject. It generally contains different sections, each one of them informing the facts of a given aspect of the topic it treats.

Personal Experience

A personal experience article is a relatively short piece of content that is similar, but more informal than a case study. It is related to the blog post, in the sense that it doesn’t have a rigid structure, and it can be opinionated, but without being biased.


An article that recommends the reader something or guides the reader in some direction. It must have proof that the advice it gives is better than, or that it is the right or true way of doing something.


There are many types of essays. Examples of different formats: argumentative, personal, expository. On average, essays are about 3500 thousand words, but never less than in 2000.

Rich Content

Rich content is an article that includes elements that may or may not require copywriting. When creating a rich content article, the emphasis is on the variety of components that make up the article.

Product review

A product review is an objective analysis of a product. It’s not as long as a buying guide, and not as structured as a case study.

White Paper

A technical document explaining the nature and feature of a product or service.

Pillar Content

I did let the best for the last spot on the list. Pillar content is a mammoth article containing evergreen content with all of the target keywords for a website or a section of a website, and then some more. A pillar content page can be considered a master or parent page, and it contains as much exhaustive content as possible. That’s because they are designed to link to the child articles, the articles that are one level below in the website’s structure, and also for those child articles link back to it.


(Reading time: 8 - 15 minutes)

This guide will give you the most primordial vaping facts for newcomers. When it comes to vaping versus smoking there are worlds of difference between a thing and the other. Just picture yourself, it’s been years since you lit up your first butt. From a silly hobby to addiction, to be fed with it you feel that it’s time to try vaping for a change. Throw your cigs down the toilet and get the basic facts on vaping devices straight.

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)

A Review of Stephen King’s “On Writing” (non-fiction)

On Writing is part memoirs, part textbook. It has three forewords, four chapters, a postscript, and an appendix split into two parts.

The first chapter is divided into thirty-eight autobiographical sections. A little bit less than ninety pages.

The following three chapters are the textbook part:

(Reading time: 15 - 29 minutes)

What I Thought of Twin Peaks: The Return

laura palmer's corpse

Twin Peaks may be one of the most mystifying American TV series ever. I don't want to pay lip service to it without saying something intelligent, so I'd say that I see it as the X-Files of a past when the X-Files series was yet to be. Of course that Twin Peaks is much more than that. And I'm going to prove, to the best of my abilities, the depth of its more earth-bound, and therefore more humane, take on the unexplained.


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