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Want To Make Big Money Helping the Needy, Less Privileged, Widowed, Motherless and the Disabled?

Here’s how to Earn Cash and Traffic Instantly!


Don’t spend a lot of money in multi-level marketing schemes. They not only don’t work but also might turn out to be some kind of dishonest, heartless get-rich-quick schemes. Without a product backing them, you may be given just an affiliate website. Then you must re-sell the lie again and again.

In most network marketing and multilevel schemes, you must not only buy yourself into the company. You also must buy products that you would probably never use. Let alone pestering family, friends, and acquaintances with products nobody needs or wants.

Share our vision of helping the needy. Become a partner today. With a one-time entry fee of forty dollars ($40), you become a life member in our original earning plan. Helping Hands International’s Adhitxpress is a charity-oriented network marketing plan. With a twist.

Your entry fee allows you to resell our plan and make a difference instantly. For yourself and for those that you bring to it. They become partners. You allow them to generate a steady income instantly.

When you join our charity-oriented instant cash-flow generation Matrix plan, you join a network that cares for its affiliates. We want you to become a philanthropist, a network marketer, and a great seller. And one of the most important parts of selling is advertising.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about Internet advertising.


Register with us. For the one-time entry fee of forty dollars you will get 10000 free advertising credits. Spend them at your discretion. Do it in the advertising spots on our site and in our auto-surfing system.




If you have seven active referrals for the Matrix Plan in a week (Monday to Sunday) we will award you the Weekly Contest Prize, $100.




The top monthly referrer to the Matrix Plan gets $500.

You must have at least seven referrals in two weeks.

If you achieve two weeks with at least seven referrals per week you will qualify for the $500 prize.



You will earn in five stages and increasingly win bonuses:



The matrix you will have is called a Foundation Matrix and has six slots. As an associate, you become a sponsor and can introduce others to the matrix with a referral link or directly.

You will introduce two new members, and in turn, they will introduce another two. You will get 20% or $8 for each member you refer.

If you fill your Foundation Matrix with six referrals, you get $48 plus the matrix bonus of $10. Just by introducing two you will make $58, regaining and surpassing your initial investment!



When the two direct-referral members in your matrix refer each other another two, you get indirect referrals. You will now have six referrals in your matrix.

When the new four members brought by your first two direct referrals fill their matrix with two each, you will reach the Masters Matrix. They are already making returns for their investment while you collect a matrix bonus of $1000.

Our marketing plan is designed to provide a regular cash flow for members. You collect money as you and your referrals progress and then a bonus when your matrix is completely filled.

In this level, you get as an incentive a free laptop or iPad.

In this stage, you get the first Matching Bonus, which is another way for members to earn from direct referrals. You get a 10% match of the stage each of your referrals completes. When the members you brought as direct referrals fill their matrix and get their $1000 bonus, you are getting a $100 (10%) matching bonus!



When the members from level one to five in your 2 by 5 matrix become masters, you will get a $1500 bonus.

You get another $1500 when their matrices fill up. When this happens, you will reach the Super Master stage, besides the $1500 bonus you receive, your referrer gets a $150 bonus.

You will also get a Hyundai ix10 (a $10.000 value).

Reaching this stage is important not only for the rewards that you will reap but because YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RECOMMEND TWO PERSONS FOR EMPOWERMENT!

Both persons you choose for empowerment will receive $1000 each.



When your supporters filling your matrix become Super Master, you will get $2000 from the matrix’s levels one to five. Plus another $4000 when your matrix is completed. This amounts to a $6000 matrix bonus.

At the same time, your referrer will receive a matching bonus of $300.

You become a Prime Minister and earn a $6000 bonus.

On top of that you will receive:

  • An executive Hyundai (a $27000 value)
  • $1000 to donate to a motherless home or disabled home in your neighborhood
  • An interest-free loan, of up to $12000, with no collateral requirements.



This is the last stage. It’s a 2 by 2 matrix. When six members of your previous matrix join you in the Prime Minister stage, you will collect $12000 in two stages. The member who sponsored you will get a matching 5% bonus ($600).

When you fill level one of the Prime Minister stages, you receive $2000. When your matrix fills up completely, you collect $10000.

Completing the last phase of the Prime Minister stage you will receive the following incentives:

  • International Trip
  • Housing Fund
  • Educational Fund
  • Yearly Infinite Bonus
  • Yearly Elite Club Members Loan (up to $44000)

You can re-enter into the Prime Minister’s stage again.

Re-entry into this stage can go over and over. Each time you re-enter this matrix, $500 are deducted, and your status changes to Primer Minister (**). The two stars indicate the second tenure as Prime Minister.

You can re-enter this stage up to your sixth tenure as Prime Minister.

When your Prime Minister (******) sixth tenure ends, you are offered to occupy one of our prestigious Trustee (Director) positions.

The Board of Directors is a most coveted position in Helping Hands International. Enticing benefits and lots of luxuries and fulfillment packages await you as a Director!



The Trustee Matrix is a 2 by 3 matrix.

This stage requires two referrals on your first level, four in your second, and eight in your last level.

When this 2 by 3 matrix fills up you’ll be contacted and all the benefits will be paid.


The Trustee stage benefits:

  • Trustee Bonus (once), $80000
  • Global Profit Pool (yearly), $10000
  • Life Residual Income $10000
  • Position of Director in Charge in the country to be launched
  • Automatic qualification to attend the Annual Global Meeting (AGM) In Hawaii or Paris


That’s a 100000 (one-hundred thousand) dollars value!


Yearly Recommendations

  • Scholarship Award (yearly), to be given by you to two orphans of your choice.
  • Two more Scholarship Awards for two persons of your religious setting.

To reach the Director position four of your direct referrals must be on this matrix.
This means that four members you directly refer must be somewhere in levels one to three of your 2 by 3 Trustee matrix.

To reach this stage is the goal of every one of our help partners.


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