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Dear Shannon:

I’m submitting this letter of inquiry on behalf of Primlabs SRL. I want to request your consideration to receive our investment proposal. We’ve just finished drafting it. We would like you to read it and tell us what you think. Is that okay with you? This opportunity is a great fit for you. We have proven successful as providers of amusements. We delivered amusements under the free-to-play and pay-as-you-like business models. Social gaming platforms, like Second Life, Blue Mars, Project Entropia and Facebook. We believe there’s an unexploited market in the trifle amusement niche you are seeking to fund. This is based in a recent customer research we conducted.


Problems to be Tackled

The rise of broadband consumer internet changed the urban landscape. It almost completely killed the community cinemas. Same for the video game galleries of the 1980s and ‘90s.

In megacities you can find different kinds of entertainment enthusiasts. For instance early adopters and video game aficionados. And other persons in need of entertainment. These peoples are nothing but disenfranchised while things stand as they are at present.

Before one could find plethora of the aforesaid businesses even in the marginal areas. Not to mention the downtown ones where this commercial phenomena reached colossal proportions. But here isn’t practically any of these venues any longer. If something still stands, is a minuscule remnant of the past.

Or even worse. Sometimes what’s left is not something of the previous eras. Sometimes it’s transplants of the mall’s leisure court to the streets. When the same buildings that housed video arcades house these transplants, it only amounts to an insult. If we bring this kind of business to the spots where it’s expected, we could fill a vacuum in the needs of an important market.


Virtual Reality Games Stand

Our idea is for a cost-effective opportunity. To bring cutting-edge recreation back to where it once flourished. Without the risk of tying it to any specific venue. We want to build a transportable “Virtual Reality Diversions Stand”. One person will operate it. It will have the capacity to run online games, first-person shooters, and games designed and programmed for VR platforms.

Customers will purchase passes for the attraction. Each pass will be valid for fifteen minutes of game-play time. We have outlined all the components of the business in detail in the proposal. Our proposal is for eleven thousand American dollars to establish the business and fund six months of advertising.


Additional Funding Sources

Facebook owns Oculus, one of the top three most popular companies in VR equipment sales. Striking a partnership early with either Oculus, Facebook or both may help the business grow greatly. Plans for strategic partnership agreements must be a core piece of the business model.



This opportunity would leverage the rise of consumer virtual reality.

Also the buzz around it, and the limelight is going to receive. The need for weekday/downtown area brief amusements is great and unfulfilled. We must evolve the trade from where this mass-market industry left off. It has a high chance of being profitable. VR is a market bound to thrive in upcoming years.

Let’s build on something that has proven time and time again to be successful with audiences. It has the potential to reap great dividends.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. We will be waiting to hear from you.

All the best,

Ennio Moretti, CFO at Primlabs SRL.


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