Infographic Example: Industrial Model of Representation

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The industrial model of representation is a broad classification to differentiate American movies from European cinema.

Infographic Micro-copy

Inographics employ microcopy. They must be planned with typography, background, color palette and secondary graphics in mind. The space that the infographic gives is a scarce commodity because of the real estate taken up by graphics and typography.


The objective of an infrographic is to make the essential facts of something stand out. Also, it preocuppies itself with being an attractive diagram that will attract the reader and make him or her read it through the end. This is because the copy on an infographic is telegraphic and devoid of everything that's superflous to the topic at hand.



As seen on the infographic, there are a lot of items that are different between the two models. Since this is a general guideline, you must not let it go to your head. There are a lot of movies made in one of the two models that borrow elements from the other.

Moreover, there are so-called Hollywood movies made by Europeans, and arthouse ones made by Americans.




Average Budget: 100 Million Dollars

Production Values

  • Big Budget
  • Special Effects
  • Star System
  • Private Finance
  • Guns for Hire

Hollywood Techniques

  • Single Protagonist
  • Positive Endings
  • Cliched/Forced Action
  • External Conflict
  • Classical Form
  • Consisten Reality
  • Causality
  • Linear Time





Average Budget: 3 Million Dollars

Production Values

  • Low Budget
  • Photographic Composition
  • Ensemble Acting
  • Government Grants
  • Auters

Arthouse Techniques

  • Multiple Protagonists
  • Open Endings
  • Internalized Passivity
  • Inner Conflict
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Inconsistent Realities
  • Coincidence
  • Non-linear Time

Research, design and copy © Martin Wensley 2019
Photo Credit: Fred Romero

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