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Shiv Khera is an Indian author, motivational speaker, and activist. YOU CAN WIN, one of the best business books to read when you are starting, is a well-rounded crash course on success. It teaches how to take responsibility for one’s life, how to self-actualize, and how to make it through one’s effort.

Mister Khera uses different devices to put forward his points in the field of becoming successful. And YOU CAN WIN is a very good option among the many business books to read that exists, because it trains you in very primal aspects of your day-to-day life.

One of the techniques he uses the most is providing life lessons through the power of stories. This book has a lot of stories that help one understand the logic behind the holistic approach he proposes to become successful. 

Among the many things this book explores are personal attitude, self-esteem, interpersonal skills, habits, and how to understand our subconscious mind.

It’s both a self-actualization book and a business book. I’d say 75% self-help and 25% business education.

Like I wrote above, this book is very entertaining due to the long list of great exemplary stories it provides.

For me, the most motivational memorable quote of this book was

“The problem with the rat’s race is that, even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

Shiv Khera Speech (12 mins)

"You Can Win" resonated with me when I realized that I was losing a lot of time applying for jobs, while my site’s traffic and authority were growing exponentially with minimum effort from me. I think that if you are looking for business books to read, this one should be among one of the first ones you should go to.

The only thing I was doing was releasing valuable content; I wasn’t focusing on getting traffic or search engine rankings at all. The time I was losing in the rat race could be put to much better use if I stopped being a deluded job seeker and became a deliverer of value. A thing I did.

I think it was great to create a method towards success that entailed a holistic approach.

I saw this book for the first time by the streets of Mumbai in 2013. I was playing with the idea of buying the Indian commercial code to learn about doing business in India, and this book continued to call my attention to different book stands of the city.

In the end, I didn’t buy or read either the Indian commercial code or Khera’s You Can Win. And kept searching for other business books to read.

Still, this book was the first one I did read when I began doing independent contractor work years later. When I found that my approach to daily self-employed work was in its infancy and I needed training in a few areas.

What Makes YOU CAN WIN a good Business Book to Read?

This book prepares you to win, but due to its holistic approach, it focuses on fixing all the personal shortcomings and overcoming all the conditions over which we don’t have much control, towards success.

It gives an integral approach to changing our ways, so success, when it happens is true and a product of our hard work both at the personal and social levels. Not something we achieved by chance or good fortune.

I’d say that all eight chapters are about self-development with mires to becoming a successful businessman, but three of those chapters are most valuable for those that want to succeed in business.

Those chapters are, five, “Interpersonal Skills”, seven, “Goal Setting”, and eight, “Values and Vision”.

It has many parts in which we are told to create plans and put different kinds of things on paper. The three most important personal documents I created after reading this book were these:

    Purpose of Life: a document where we devise what’s the purpose of our life.
    Continuous Education Program: where we plan how are we going to study.
    Action Plan/Recipe for success: this is the most important one. The biggest.

It was a very nice surprise to find that this book, that on the outside seemed to be all about winning in business was more about self-help and self-actualization rather than just about business.

The idea I got from it is that success is just there waiting for anyone willing to do not just the business work, but also the personal work, it’s the underlying required basis for any kind of real, won success.

Anyway, the business advice and practical methods in it are important.


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