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Yes, when it’s about freelancer work online as a copywriter, content writers, or related competencies, the sky is the limit. There may be many ways to find clients and advertising venues, but freelance work online platforms shouldn’t be overlooked. We mustn’t forget that freelancing and working remotely isn’t the nine-to-five world and consider if any of these three approaches is for us. At the same time, I'm of the view of also net being a try-hard, and remember that we have time to be laid-back too.

Consider the possibility of someone who worked for years in a different professional field and decides to become a freelancer in something related to his former job. I wouldn’t recommend someone like that to dive headlong into one of these sites. In those cases, I think that an online portfolio and CV would be a much more useful starting point.

Still, for those just starting with freelancer work online for second and/or third parties, that don't know where to begin, I think these sites are a godsend, especially the work platforms. I see the platform kind as the evolution of classified advertisements sites. There are dozens of sites one can use to find work as a freelance writer. These lists are going to be focused on copywriter and content writer venues.

Freelance Work Online Classifieds Sites

These are also regular classified sites, but there are niche portals, that cater to content writers and copywriters only. Don't be fooled by the names of some of the sites.

Unless the website explicitly specifies that is 100% for remote work, you're going to find all kinds of calls, not just for freelance work online. For instance: project-based calls, word-based calls, remote calls, on-site calls, freelance calls, steady job calls.

Some of these sites do not even feature listings on the site itself. To benefit from these kinds of sites, you must join their list. Once you joined their list they send you emails daily with the curated freelancer work online job listings.

    Skip The Drive
    Freedom with Writing
    Ed 2010
    Freelance Writing
    Working Nomads
    Freelance Writing Gigs
    All Freelance Writing

Job Classified Ads Sites

These are regular classified sites, they use, more or less, the format for classifieds that everybody knows since always. Features are limited, if not downright non-existent; other than the classified itself. Don't expect them to be oriented to copywriter or freelancer work online, but they cater to those two workforces too.

One word of caution, though. If you are becoming a freelancer to do away with the old ways of doing things, and you don't want to be lumped together with others as a mere human resource, then these sites may not be for you.

    Every Job for Me
    Job Tree
    Journalism Jobs
    Simply Hired
    Virtual Vocations
    Career Builder
    Leaf Group
    My Job Helper
    Job Tree
    Journalism Jobs
    Media Bistro


Content Writer Freelancer Platforms


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I don’t know if my perception of these platforms is correct, but I see them as a middle ground between agencies and classified ad sites. I grouped under this category all sites that are one step ahead of classified ad sites.

From the ones that offer just one or several features that you don’t have with job classifieds, to full-blown freelancer manager platforms, that do a lot for the writer looking for freelance work online. Like content marketplaces and submission platforms offering features like payment gateways integration, invoicing, and such.

In the case that you are bootstrapping your career change to freelance writing, and you're starting without anything, these communities are a great place to get a feeling of where is freelancing as an industry. Besides, if you are in that situation, if you can carve a niche for yourself in any of the platforms that have good features, it will simplify things in the beginning.

Some examples of features popular with this kind of site are a free portfolio, simplified portfolio (space for a few clippings), free invoicing, integrations with online wallets, profiles in which you can have links to your content elsewhere, daily alerts, marketplaces.

Many of these are freelancer managers. What do I mean by freelancer managers? That once you register on the platform, you're at the beck and call of whoever decides to hire you. Maybe not at first, but the fact that you have to be responsible when you registered in some of these may not go down well with many.

    Constant Content

    Tempestmedia's Article Document
    Smart Crowd
    Steady Content: one of the smartest ideas for portals for freelancer work online, just upload articles and you might find buyers.
    People per Hour
    Zip Recruiter
    Power To Fly

Not Everything That's Available for Freelancer Work Online

This list excludes a lot of other sites, the ones that are more niche-oriented, but it's a start. Niche-oriented sites that provide freelance work online certainly take more effort to get into, and the process is less impersonal and more invested than the process you have to go through on the sites listed here.

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