Social Media marketing is one of the most powerful processes that stimulate the growth of a digital marketing outfit. Let's be honest, you can't accumulate real authority points if you're disconnected from the crowds you target with your content. It's something that's a no-brainer for copywriters, and it's a sin not to take advantage of at least the free benefits that social media gives.

The free benefits of social media come at a price even if you aren't paying and you will find pieces on this site examining the legal part of the “payment” we make each time we utilize them. A part of the participation on social networks that are often overlooked and seldom brought into focus and dissected.

Generic Examples of Social Media Marketing Processes

  • Interaction: Brands interact with customers and together they build a relationship. 

  • Brand-to-customer Nurturing: Brands can tailor their social media tactics depending on the stage of the customer journey each customer is standing at the moment of nurturing them.

  • Customer Support: It goes without saying, that in this day and age, CRM systems interface with everything, including social media portals.
    Beyond linking directly your customer relationship systems with a social media supernode like Facebook, there’s the possibility of conducting customer support using social media channels themselves, without any integration to your CRM, website, or anything.

  • Customer Participation: One step up from simple interaction on social media, the way in which these portals work facilitates the creation of innovative ways of actively engaging your customer using social media websites as the engine of the tactic.
    These are one step up from simple interacting engagements because some kind of activity is generally involved in the interaction. Not a simple exchange of words through social walls, chats, or similar interactions.

Generic Examples of copy
Expected to be in place
when Pursuing a Social Presence


The Dynamics of your Outbound / Homebase / Social Strategy

Homebase and outbound are worthy of their own articles each, but it's useful to see how they integrate with your social media strategy. Each of those strategies integrates with the social media campaigns. They're made up of different tactics, like the social one. It's worthy of note that action in any piece of the pie has a reaction in the other two.

For instance, if you publish a new rich content article on your website that took a lot of time to research, write, edit, enrich, and so on, one of the first things you will do, if you have a social media presence is going online and sharing a link to it.

You do it. The next day you find out that many people reacted and you even profited from it because you have x new customers that already started either the registering, buying and/or subscribing process as a consequence of your actionable content. In a case like this, the integration of the three pieces of your digital marketing mix is almost inseparable because reactions to your content will push you to resort to engaging in the other two other processes.

In a workflow like the one in the example, your social media presence is the glue holding together your grunt work to the conversions that your product or service will generate.

Social media marketing jobs descriptions

If you can demonstrate to your potential customer, client, or employer that you know the ropes of what you are selling, then you have added another incentive to the idea the leads will make of you before buying from you or hiring you or your services. If you are going to respond to calls for a determined specialty then you must have a very detailed job description of your services or what you're willing to do.

Social media Marketing Agencies Profiles

If you plan to have others do your social media marketing for you, then you're going to need policies, guidelines, terms, schedules and some other workflow documents detailing how, when, what, and for whom you intend the agency to carry out the social media marketing job. 

Social Media Marketing Plan

If you're carrying it yourself, you need a concise plan on top of all the documents I enumerated in the previous head. At the very least you need a management protocol and a communication one.

Social Media Advertising

Different dynamics to web ads, social media advertising should be, and in the case of this site is, a separate category altogether. In contrast to web ads, social ads have the quality of returning a greater bang for your buck.


The Impressum is a legal requirement in some countries like Germany and Switzerland. It may be mistaken for the About Us or Terms of Service pages, but it's not. It's a type of copy that neighbors on the microcopy.

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