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  • Any piece of content

  • A semi-express service without a premium markup

  • Content based in authoritative sources, not superficial research

  • Content that leverages techniques and methods to make the copy value-rich

  • The kind of content that others really want to read

Initially I will only use the sources of research you direct me to. If you approve I will use additional ones. You will be given a detailed report of all the sources I use/used to research your content or copy.

I use books, high-quality web content and similar media. Like academic journals, scholarly papers, monographs, case studies, essays, theses and such. This will bring authentic value to your customers and clients, and to you.

The first working draft of content or copy you’ll get from me will be already great. It will be already parsed with the best edition applications. I will also check the content in online plagiarism checkers to be sure that the piece passes them.

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With my Copy and Content you Will Reap Most Effective Results

Hire my Copywriter Content Writing Services.
I will take the heavy load of content creation off your shoulders.

A sizable quantity of copy on the web is only copied, paraphrased and pasted content. Just blatant plagiarism. That must be the content written by the three-dollars-an-article crowd. To prevent this, I research my copy methodically.

Nowadays any upstart calls her/himself a copywriter or content writer. One needs to peek briefly into the content mill scene to realize how serious the content writing case is. Hopefully, you already know from which sites to steer clear when you are looking for a copywriter. From the kiddies that sell their “copywriting services” with ads written in sms jargon.

When I found this out, it disgusted me.

It did, because by then I’ve been writing digital copy for almost a quarter century. I learned hands-on the techniques of the trade. I did it through managing and promoting virtual communities since my late teens. The things I learned since then wouldn’t be so focused and useful if I didn’t had that previous experience.

For a great part of my life I’ve been writing books, poetry, screenplays, video game content and digital copy. First on and off. Since 2012, on a constant basis. I been blogging since 2006.

My content isn’t something that I slap together from pages on the web, to meet a deadline. I will write copy or content, and headlines, that fulfill a solid, scientific purpose:

Getting you Visitors, Leads and Conversions!

I urge you to get acquainted with my writing, would you please check my portfolio out? You’ll realize that I’m very versatile, that one of my main strengths resides in my flexibility.

The first document you’ll receive for me is a guesstimate I’ll send you if you send me the data I ask for in the form below. This is obviously free. It doesn’t compromise you in any way. Getting in touch with me and/or getting a guesstimate with the form doesn’t mean I’ll auto-opt-in your address into an email list. The form in this page is just for your benefit.


Magnetic Content

Some Content Forms

  • Short From Article / Long Form
  • Feature Article
  • Blog Entry
  • Landing page / Capture page
  • Informative Copy for Website
  • Content Strategy Content
  • Social Network Post
  • Advertising / Direct Advertising Copy
  • Open Letter / Sales Letter
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Push Notification / Funnel Content
  • Magalog / Booklet Copy
  • Video / Commercial Script
  • Screenplay Script
  • Promotional Copy
  • Postcard Content
  • Circular Copy / Brochure Copy


Some Niches

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Books & Literature
  • PC Hardware, Buying Guide, Peripherals
  • Video Games, Online Video Games
  • Metaverse Platforms, Virtual Worlds
  • Chatbots, AI
  • Internet & Ecommerce
  • Weight Training & Yoga, Things, Styles
  • Comics Horror, Adult, Anthology
  • Punk Music, History, Print, Film
  • Hollywood Movies, Hottest Picks
  • Screenplays, Scripts, Film Treatments
  • Screenplay Writing Products
  • Copywriting Products
  • Digital Marketing Products


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Please read the sections below for a detailed explanation of my Copywriter Content Writer Service.

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Authentic Content

I yearn to be your content and copy call-to person! Please do give a try to my Copywriter Content Writing Services.

You will get content and copy that are grounded in fact, research and hard data. I am no hack at this.

I will research using any and all the sources that you choose. In my case quantity does really mean quality.

I’m obsessed with editing and have a perfectionist bent that makes me edit on the fly. The result is a copy that is a delight to read even from the first proof-reading.

I have an endless patience and a tendency to be fast. I put a lot of attention to detail.

These two traits, I leverage them often. On top of that, I add high-quality research to my diligence. This allows me to become conversant and productive in any new subject in a short period of time.


What You'll Get

  • Starter Set of Documents

  • Post-Hire Documents

  • Constant Updates Through Collaboration Platform (optional)

  • First Delivery of a Finished Copy Piece (before the agreed deadline)

  • Two Rounds of Changes (if required)


Prototype of our Deal's Workflow

When you hire me, I’ll furnish you with a very detailed bird-eye-view of the deal and other documents. You may want daily updates and/or collaborative contact in a platform like Trello or Slack. You may not care for these support features. Still, background documentation for you and customer support are always good to have

We will exchange documents through a digital means of your choice. You will set the deadline day.

When you hire me, first we will have a chat or email exchange in which you will tell me:

  • A rough outline of the content you want written

  • The format you would like for it, its style and length.

In the following days, I will complement that information with my own research as directed by you.

I’ll work towards delivering the content, copy and work documents before the deadline. When I deliver it you’ll read and revise it. If you aren’t satisfied with the content or copy, you will get two rounds of revisions.

You will get a report on my research and other materials I used to supplement what you sent me. I’ll send this to you while I work, or when I finish (you’ll decide when).

“In this industry, content is king. Yet, the information one resorts to before writing genuine content is a particular kind of gold. It should not be overlooked.




If you start our deal through the form below. 


You aren’t obliged to buy the remaining two pieces.


Add 5% to the 15% if the content that you need is for the amusement, entertainment or leisure industries.



Start our Copywriter/Content Writer Services Deal through this form to get a free guesstimate, plus a 15% discount on your first three pieces, if you decide to hire me.

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