Inegrations: Pinterest, Facebook

Pins are a great invention. Thanks to Pinterest we don't need to make our hard drives or other storage a mess with images we would love to keep. In fact, this platform also grants us the ease of not having to infringe any law when we want to keep some image, chart or infographic.

Pinterest gives a service that's the contemporary answer to the scrapbooks of the past. You can pin any image from any website.

What's more important, pins have a social dimension to them. It's not only that the platform has social media site features. I say a social dimension because if you like a pin that you see you always can click it to see the source. Seeing the source of a pin will take you to a page where you can learn more about it.

On Pinterest, you organize yout pins on boards. Boards can have sub-sections. On the sub-sections you can decompose the main niche of your board into different sub-niches. Pinterest has excellent organizational flexibility and they extended said flexibility to the social aspect of the site. You not only can follow another pinners, you can also not follow the pinner but can follow one, or more, of the pinner's boards.





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