Do-it-yourself and self-serve resources for freelancers and independent contractors. From things about how to get started as a freelancer, independent contractor or entrepreneur, to growth topics like scaling and empire-building.

Self-Help for Freelancers

Work as a freelancer without breaking the law. Take responsibility for your finances and don’t let others mismanage you. Truth is, if you choose the independence that means to be a freelancer, nobody is going to do for you the paperwork to be a legal business entity.
Even if one works in an unregulated environment, like the internet, there are rules one must follow to stay away from legal trouble. Additionally, there’s the fact that the government expects to be compensated by one’s use of their resources by means of taxes, even if you are a freelancer.
The good news is that if one gives the legal part of being a freelancer the attention and work it requires, the benefits one gets in exchange have value. There is social proof, for one, to be able to tell the the truth to your clients when they ask about your gig’s legal status.
It is wrong to evade taxes due to indignation about being fleeced by the government of one’s hard earned dollars. One must seek knowledge to do as best as one can to pay as less as possible thanks to provisions for tax returns and deductions built into the laws that regulate independent work.
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Self-Help for Entrepreneurs


Do-it-yourself and self-serve information for startup founders. We don’t need to become a mess had by a business instead of owning, running and staying on top of it. To be taken for a ride by one’s (or for that matter, someone else’s) business is a very dangerous situation.

To be an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You need a very extensive skillset of which copywriting is, I would say, 15% to 20%-tops only.

Contrary to what others would want one to believe it isn’t difficult to create a startup. The journey from ideation phase of a startup and the first year are the subject of  this area of the website.

  • Registering a startup
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Nutritional Supplements and Nootropics


Pharmaceutical miracle drugs and the pure gifts of nature that make a hectic lifestyle livable. I will not say that these things are imperative. Not at all.

While they aren’t a must, life is unpredictable and one doesn’t know in which situation one might end up. Sometimes, these kind of helpers make all the difference and can help us for a while until we come up with a solution to our problems.

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