Independent Contractor Tax and Tax Refunds

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Want to know about taxes and you don't know where to begin? Take a look at this article. It's kind of generalized knowledge, but at the same time it gives very good advice, specially the last takeaway in
the last couple of paragraphs.


Tax Refund Options—The Quickest Ways to Get Your Money by Miriam Caldwell 

Remeber that if you are a sole propietor, you must prepare your tax reports yourself. This topic is not  complex but it's not simple either.

When your work modality is freelancer, things get a little tricky at the time of creating your tax plan and preparing your tax reports when you work by your own. The article is not intended for freelancers,
but I think it can be of use to any other person new to to taxes working as an independent contractor who hasn't organized her or his business yet, as to have figured out the process to implement regarding  tax refunds.

I will go deeper into the subject of taxes for freelancers in future posts.


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