Nutritional Supplements and Nootropics


Pharmaceutical miracle drugs and the pure gifts of nature that make a hectic lifestyle livable. I will not say that these things are imperative. Not at all. While they aren’t a must, life is unpredictable and one doesn’t know in which situation one might end up. Sometimes, these kinds of helpers make all the difference and can help us for a while until we come up with a solution to our problems.

Supplements, foods, and medicines that come in handy in specific situations when one has a nomadic lifestyle and one's diet are bound to encounter deficiencies until one achieves organization and a bare resemblance of (at least temporal) settling down.

Everything natural gives life, everything that is not natural takes it away. My ideal is not depending on anything that is not natural and fulfilling all of my body's requirements with natural, vital food, but that is not always possible.

In this section of the website, I will explore the two ends of the spectrum. The situations and temporal lifestyles that benefit from the convenience of supplementing, versus a more settled-down lifestyle in which the objectives of fitness can be earned through a well-rounded, balanced, natural diet.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are controversial. There is big pharma on one side, and smaller industrial producers of medicines. On top of those two markets, there are unbranded natural medicines you can buy in whole food and natural food stores. 
Now, we know that pharmaceutical cartels are in the market for profit, they aren’t going to make any if everyone uses dirt-cheap remedies that do their job, are more natural than classic medicines, and that don’t have side-effects that common allopathic remedies have.
In my personal experience, even a middle ground between natural vegetables and herbs and pharmaceutical drugs were more desirable than classic allopathic medicines. I’m talking about semi-natural drugs.
A condition of disease in which I was for a long time was liveable only thanks to a natural drug from a relatively small laboratory. I say relatively because it’s not a global brand, but in its area, it’s a big one.
I’m talking about the Himalaya brand of natural drugs. Saying that these drugs are natural is not 100% accurate. In my case, it was the leaves pulverized inside capsules. What I took were neem caps that helped me with a serious case of bodily intoxication.
I had a propensity to making boils. I’m not talking about a glorified pimple here, I’m talking about chronic boils and serious carbuncles in the ears and sometimes the face, shoulders, and back, due to bottom-of-the-barrel nutrition and unbearable tropical heat in very unclean environments.
The environment was bad, but I certainly didn’t help my health because I didn’t care about carrying a constantly squalid and ignorant, drifting lifestyle. I think I never ate so bad like in those times. After like two years drifting around, not just diet was all funked up, but also my anxiety and stress were through the roof most of the time. The point in the case was that my body couldn’t process all the trash I was pumping into it, and that, coupled with the heat and constant worry and, fight for survival and stress made me have constant skin problems.
When I was recommended to take neem, which I was recommended to just pluck a branch and chew the leaves, I did it, and I saw an improvement; I didn’t experience any more skin problems, ever. When I drifted to places where fresh neem wasn’t available, after some time without having any neem, the boils and other skin conditions returned. I had the luck to find out there were pills of pulverized neem leaves, I tried them and they had the same effect as chewing fresh ones.
The thing that was a surprise to me about the neem caps was that they had an effect that was analogous to fresh neem if you stood taking them daily (I used to take 2), but if I stopped the period of protection from the formation of pus wasn’t one week or ten days like with the fresh leaves, more like one-two days.

Brain Supplements and Nootropics

The world of nootropics is pretty much in its infancy. They aren’t known by the majority of people and legislators seem to want to repress their growth. Maybe those that ban nootropics are enacting their vested interests or the vested interests of those that are going to lose big time if the truth about nootropics gets out.
If brain supplements become a panacea of the masses, not just of a few depressed, pedestrian druggists that took the risk to learn the truth and struck gold, all kind of big pharma drugs for anxiety, depression, social phobias, lack of energy and similar conditions would be knocked down and lose a big chunk of their market share.
I don’t know but I guess if with the symptoms I had before using noots I would have gone to a psychiatrist I would have been prescribed a laundry list of virtual poisons (including benzos and SSRIs, I’m sure) instead of any of the miracle drugs without side-effects that most noots apparently are.
Bottom line is, you shouldn’t self-medicate, but if you do, it’s your body and your freedom. The least you can do is getting the facts straight about what you would need and what you could take from authoritative sources that aren’t going to paint you a rosy picture of them without focusing also on the potential risks and shortcomings.

Dietary Supplements

I think that there’s no better dietary supplement than natural vegetables and fruits in their natural state. Still, there are many reasons why a person would want to supplement a diet with nutritional supplements

  • Vegetarianism
  • Athletics
  • Sports
  • Bodybuilding
  • Traveling
  • Transient Situations
  • Lack of Time and/or Organization
Fitness Disclaimer

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