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When we say website copywriting, we are talking about a middle ground between sales copy and plain content. Website copywriting is not an advertisement, or a sales letter. It’s neither some formless piece of copy like a blog post would be, but something in-between.

If we make a gross generalization of how long each of the pieces of content I named in the previous sentence, then we can assume that a blog post is anywhere from 400 to 1000 words, an advertisement from 100 to 700 words, and a sales letter from 700 to 2100 words, then we come to an approximate average of what a commercial webpage copy should be, at 700 to 900 words.

Format for a Website Copywriting Content

Pertaining to the sequencing of the copy, it can follow tried-and-true formats like sales letter copy and ad copy, but always remembering that it is neither of them. The order of the information should follow an abridged sales letter form or a meaty ad form. Still, the style must not be the same style you use on an ad. It should be more akin to a sales letter, but not quite. Sales letters have a lot in common with circulars, and the tone and voice of sales letters and circulars are unmistakable.

Commercial Website SEO Copywriting

You can’t write a piece of website copy that mimics ads, sales letters, and circulars, without the reader noticing right away that she or he is being sold something. Due to this fact, the commercial copy of a website must be serviceable, informative, and useful, while at the same time it has to have direct response mechanics to make it useful for the publisher and merchant of the product or service.

It has to pre-sell and sell. The pre-selling component of website copywriting has to be some valuable piece of information that those with a problem and those who are looking for products or services to solve a problem can both benefit from. It has to know exactly at which stage of the buying process those arriving at it are, and cater to as many of them as possible.

If the readers of the copy can use the information on the page and benefit from it, then that’s one of the purposes filled. In some way, you have to conciliate the info you give away, with a skillful persuasive power capable of helping those still undecided to decide to purchase or hire the products or services recommended on the page, instead of them to keep searching. In other words, it must definitely help the reader and hopefully will also convert the prospect right then and there.

Commercial Website Copywriting Example


Design of Responsive and SEO Websites

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We offer you a site design service according to your needs, built in a week, or a maximum of ten days. In these times, a website is necessary for many purposes. It is not enough for a service or product to use non-digital methods or just social networks without a site.

You have to own a website for your service, product, or brand. The possibilities of placing yourself in front of your customers will multiply exponentially. Even if the project is not for a commercial purpose. Because your own site will guarantee a share of analyzable traffic. Therefore a larger audience, with all the possibilities that this implies. 

Sites Based on a CMS or Platform of your Choice

With the help of a content management system (CMS) such as or Joomla, it is possible to create dynamic sites. You can add all kinds of functionality to CMS-based sites. Some examples of the functionality of a CMS-powered website are:

    Less hassle overall than using a different platform
    They foster community and relationships building
    Can be used as a collaboration platform
    Modular functionality, all kinds of things can be added to it
    Many options for search engine optimization


Types of CMS Functionality

Mobile Version Responsive/AMP

A correct display on phones and tablets based on the resolution of such devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages compliance.

Shopping Cart (e-commerce)

When you want to use the site to sell products.


Be it commercial products or other things.

Customer Relationship System (CRM)

History of the customers of a business through the entire sales process.

Integration with Social Networks

The signals originating in social networks increase authority in search engines.

Photo Galleries, Audio & Video

Smart ways to embed media in the pages of the site.


For SlideShare-style presentations.

Courses (e-learning)

Offer courses and be remunerated by credit card or internet payment system.

Mailing Lists

To communicate with customers, fans, or followers through emails and newsletters.

Artistic and Work Portfolios

Sites to display work samples to show potential employers and/or clients.

Contact Form

Many different uses. Generally for questions and support of a product or service.

Printable Coupons

For promotions that must be redeemed in physical establishments.

Blog, Phlog, and Vlog

For professional or amateur specialist content.

Events calendar

Keep users informed about certain events.


Chat system embedded in the pages of the site.


Offering files to download on a site is a great way to get traffic.

Community Forums

To create a community of people with something in common.

Interactive Maps

To show the exact place of a business and ways to get there.

Voting Systems

One way to implement surveys.

Search Site

To find specific content, without having to resort to an external search engine.

Rating System

To evaluate content.

Related Links

To other sites, with sample thumbnails, reviews, etc.

Affiliate Products

Sell products from third parties.


Static Websites

For a fraction of the price of a CMS-based site, you can get a static website.

In the past, the CMS system was not widespread. There were some off-the-shelf options for static sites that added functionality. It was done via applets, and Java sites created with a multimedia suite. The sites in Java are in the past. It is more difficult to optimize them for results in search engines.

Basic functionality can be achieved with static websites. It is possible to offer features similar to dynamic sites. It can be configured for the owner to have statistical reports of their use. Needless to say, static sites can and should be optimized for search engines as dynamic ones.

Short List of Popular Static Website Generators

Most of these are free to use. At least one of them, Mobirise, even includes free hosting for your static website.


Websites Based on Blogging Platforms

Get a website based on a blogging platform like Blogger or For a fraction of the price of a static website.

Using a personal or business domain, you can implement a decent site on a free web platform. Like Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr.

The downside of doing this, using the platform as a CMS, is that the options are much more limited. However, with the use of a personal domain, you can achieve simple blogs and quality sites that are sound budget-wise. With these sites functionality suffers. And the ability to obtain detailed statistics suffers much more.

The statistics options that come with free plans are basic. However, just like static websites, there are ways to better monitor site statistics. It’s done through web apps like, for example,

Regarding the payment plans of these blogging platforms, we do not recommend them. We think that you are paying for a service that simply is not worth it.


Get Your Website in less than 10 Days

Through our website design service, we will provide you with a site with basic search engine optimization.

Our configuration will allow your site to start receiving visits and increasing its authority from day one.

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